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Your Favorite 2023 Topics for Impactful Reflection

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December serves as a meaningful juncture for mindful reflection before we step into the coming year's opportunities. One area I encourage you to reflect on is your impact. How can you have a broader and more positive effect on the people around you, your business, and your life?


This journey involves shedding societal expectations, overcoming frustrations, and cultivating clarity amid the “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” moments...Recognizing common struggles such as limited time and resources, we aim to reshape the narrative. By embracing tools for a better life and seamlessly integrating personal growth into daily existence, we rediscover purpose. It's a shift from frustration to renewed purpose, where priorities are honored, and each day becomes an opportunity to explore new edges when our cups are full, exponentially increasing our potential to impact the world.


We believe that by sharing our experiences, challenges, and successes, we empower each other to make a lasting impact. In that spirit, we’re returning to your favorite topics from 2023!


In August, we focused on sharing your brilliance, and this topic really resonated because we all know what it's like to operate from old habits or out of desperation. We also know what it's like to have a thirst for authentic connection, only to be met with blistering disillusionment and the mind-numbing boredom that comes with being in communities that don't challenge you or support healthy growth.


One of our Roundtable facilitators at The Dames®, a dynamo member for over two years, faced a challenging period in 2022. Always seeking external guidance, she had hired coaches for years (to the tune of spending $100K+!) but later realized relying on others doesn't always meet expectations. The key, she found, is doing the inner work, claiming brilliance from within, and sharing it with the world.


In The Dames®, environments causing burnout instead of breakthroughs are enthusiastically poo poo’d. Whether in a Think Tank Circle, Dames Connect Hour, or at the annual FunFerence event, members unite with an abundance mindset, sharing expertise and collaborating without self-promotion. Staying in your expert lane allows fellow members to shine their brilliance while acknowledging others'.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 2023 content and will tune back in for more in 2024!

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