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We know that you love on your community. Earn $50 when you refer someone who becomes a member of the Dames. You already treat your connections like they are your most prized possessions - take that one step further as a Dames affiliate!

“Within a few days I had affiliate commissions from qualified friends who became Dames. Helping build community within the Dames has been a win-win!

Whitney McDuff

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We’ll welcome your contacts at our Virtual Roundtables. They’ll meet high-caliber women who can support their aspirations.


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We’ve created email scripts, social media posts, and blog content so that you can promote the dames with next to no effort.

"The system makes it SO easy for me to invite them! The content, photos, link, invite - I just copy and paste, and I'm inviting more women to be part of this amazing community!"

- Maci O'Grady


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