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Hear From Members of The Dames®

Joining the Dames was the single best investment I made in my business- and myself- in years, and one that continues to pay off exponentially every single month. As a professional writer, so much of my work has been a 'one-woman-show.' I've never in my life been surrounded- or supported, or celebrated, or inspired- by as many passionate, driven, incredible women as I am now in this group, but more importantly, I never realized just how much of an impact that support could have. My revenue has nearly doubled and the caliber of clients I'm working with has skyrocketed as a direct result of the power partnerships- and genuine, real-life friendships- I've formed within the Dames. My only regret is not having found this amazing group sooner. It's the real deal. And a no-brainer.

I walked into 2020 with an 80% revenue loss due to the Pandemic. Through some pivotal power partnerships and Dames training, I ended up doubling my business by the end of the year. On a personal note, I also was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020 (I am currently cancer-free!). The relationships I made not only provided me with the team that surrounded me and allowed me to take care of myself (I hired from within the Dames) but their notes, messages, and phone calls kept me afloat. Hands down, becoming a member of The Dames has made THE difference in my business and in my life.

I saw somewhere once that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. I also know if you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room. I love how often I experience that uncomfortable feeling at The Dames! The little imposter syndrome, or the "wow - she just said some next level-ish that I'll be processing all weekend." It's a sign that I'm in an environment that will challenge me to level up toward where I'm headed.

Thank you for bringing us all together! The Dames is THE place where I network, laugh, and grow with the best of the best around the globe; I can share and listen with my local sisters; I can get down and dirty with an intimate group of ladies who call me on my crap in my power partner mastermind group. I have also worked with several Dames who have provided e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t service to my company.

When I became a member of The Dames I was confident that I could weather it, even though my pre-COVID 2 year plan has sort of gone to hell. There is a prevalence of amateur information out there, convincing people that “hacks” are all it takes to be successful. The Dames don’t play that! Since joining, I’ve met folks who have said, “Ok, so you want to elevate your profile, then do THIS since right now we can’t do THAT” and it’s been HUGE!

As a long time member, I've benefited from unparalleled support and empowerment, a feeling of true connection to amazing businesswomen around the globe and endless 'a-ha' moments that have helped me grow my business. I have also gained tens of thousands of dollars each year in leads and closed sales from power partners who are Dames. But most importantly, I've had the opportunity to create friendships that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.


The Dames: Radically Collaborative Connections