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The Damesยฎ is an incubator for the greatness of women running and leading 6, 7, and 8 figure businesses.ย 

Redefining success for a world where work serves life and enJOYment, not the other way around!


Let's see if we align!

If you are interested in...

  • Growing personally and professionally
  • Creating global connections and strategic power partnerships with other high-caliber business women like you
  • Having an inviting space for elevated conversations and collaborations
  • Being part of an exclusive community committed to propelling women in business and career from the top 15% to the top 2%

And if you share...


Trade High-Stress For High-Caliber

We’re here to help women work less while achieving more.

Our chapters vanquish overbooked calendars by bringing together world-class women and ceaselessly confronting the myth of “virtuous hustle.”

Collaborate, Fearlessly 

We climb through connection rather than competition with levels of empathy, intuition, love, and generosity on par with that of Princess Diana (we are Dames, after all).

We believe there is endless room at the top.

Get Out of Serious

We laugh out loud and OFTEN because it’s the signature of joy, a catalyst for creativity, and vital in breaking through to limitless growth.

It’s how we escape the illusion of scarcity, as well as the nagging temptation to throw in the towel.

Evolve in Broad Daylight 

We consider the mess of change as beautiful, necessary, and machine-washable. We share transparent stories around our wins and battle scars because there are no mistakes - only insights that bring us all closer to the seven-figure mark and beyond.

Sound like you? Great!

Consider this your personal invitation to apply to join The Dames®

"I've FINALLY found the business community I've been looking for!" - Carrie G.

We have 2 membership options


Meet local business women in your area - current chapters are in Arizona, Chicago, Colorado, South Carolina, and Wisconsin



No local chapter near you (yet)? Join our virtual chapter and become a part of an international group of women leaders from all over the world


Your Membership Includes:

  • Strategic Matchmaking Services to connect you to Dames Power Partnersfor strategic collaborations and support
  • Global Virtual Events to connect and deepen relationships with Dames around the world
  • Monthly Think Tank Circles with other Dames at your level of business to problem solve, strategize, innovate, and support
  • Million Dollar Power Hours focused on elevating your business to the million dollar mark and beyond
  • The opportunity to attend and lead Next Level Skills Trainings for professional and personal growth
  • Monthly In-Person Events for local chapters with high-caliber women at and above your level
  • An exclusive invitation to attend our Annual Dames Funference Event
  • Access to an Online Community and Member Directory of supportive business women

Often imitated but never duplicated...

The Dames is the original community where entrepreneurs leading 6, 7, and 8 figures businesses and executive business leaders in corporate come together to collaborate and elevate.  

Is Becoming a Member of The Dames® the Right Fit For You?

Who The Dames Is BEST For

  • Those looking to build community and genuine connections and collaborations
  • Those fully committed to their success who are ready and willing to show up and participate and who take ownership of their own results
  • Business owners and leaders running B2B and B2C businesses generating a minimum of 6 figures with a goal of scaling to 7 figures and beyond
  • Those seeking a balance between business success and personal fulfillment and joy
  • Those who love a good f-bomb

Who The Dames Is NOT For

  • Someone expecting results without showing up as an active member - you get out what you put in
  • Joining the Dames out of desperation for new business
  • Someone who takes more than they give
  • Those who are all about the hustle culture and success at any expense
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