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Unlocking Global Opportunities: Expand Your Network Worldwide! 🌍

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When I first started my marketing business in 2009 in Denver, my network was completely local. We had similar experiences and access to similar ideas and resources. I was regularly hanging out in the same circles. And because of this, I continued to play small. It took me a full six years to grow my marketing business past the six-figure mark. 


Because the local experts were sharing the same strategies, and many were experiencing similar growth ceilings, I realized that few people and ideas were there to challenge me. The company I kept was “just like me.” We were a bunch of beginner skiers hanging out on the bunny slopes, trying to become advanced skiers, but lacking the role models who could get us down those double black diamonds. And not only did I lack these role models, I was starting to believe they didn’t exist. There was no proof that women were doing bigger things.


Before I broke through to six figures, I realized I was “fishing in the wrong ponds,” and my network reflected my lack of growth back to me. So I stopped building my network locally for 18 months. I used my branding and marketing expertise to devise a new way of networking - one where I would develop strategic relationships with power partners who were working with the clients I desired to work with. I also began to ask for introductions to women running high-six and seven-figure companies. 


Soon after, Denver Dames was born in 2015 with the desire to connect more women at the six-figure mark with women at the seven-figure mark. In my experience, the more women I met who were running higher revenue businesses, the less “different” or “intimidated” I felt by them. I connected with them deeply and realized they don’t have superpowers, two brains, or eight limbs. 


In order to forge these deep, impactful bonds, I took an interest in their stories and made connections for them that helped them achieve their epic missions.


I served them first.


We grew quickly in Denver; our “reverse mullet” events brought women in high-stress businesses and careers together to laugh, let their hair down, connect deeply, and be inspired by women sharing their journeys to seven figures. 


In 2018, we launched our online membership platform and began expanding local chapters and our virtual chapter. We rebranded that year to The Dames®. And yet I still felt like I was in my comfort zone, still in an echo chamber. We had two local Colorado chapters and members across the U.S. We shared similar philosophies, business growth practices, and personal cultures.  


It made me harken back to when I began embracing a more global perspective. I started learning French for the first time at four years old to prepare for my first trip to France at that age. I formally started studying it at 12, spent a summer in France at 17, and a year at a French University at 20. That (and traveling globally a lot as a child) helped me see the importance of a global mindset. 


In 2018, in a deep meditation and visualization, I saw The Dames® expand globally. I saw women of all backgrounds, industries, ethnicities, and ages gathered together, growing professionally and personally; collaborating to help shift outdated paradigms and supporting one another as we achieve our epic missions.

Since then, expanding our virtual membership globally has shifted how I look at business and the world. The U.S is NOT the only country on the block, and in order to remove ourselves from the echo chamber we can get stuck in, we need to connect globally. 


These global connections:

  • allow us to see the world outside of our myopic lens. 

  • give us the ability to see across cultures and deepen our desire to think this way. 

  • allow for expansion that cannot be experienced in any other way.

  • create more pathways regarding any goal, experience, challenge, or question. 

  • elevate your approach to business and life.

  • challenge preconceived notions. 

When we remove the barriers of space and strategically connect, it empowers us to solve bigger problems and achieve more impact. If you are ready to make global connections, we invite you to apply to join The Dames® so you can have these kinds of high-caliber important conversations on a regular basis!

If you are interested in...

  • Growing personally and professionally
  • Creating global connections and strategic power partnerships with other high-caliber business women like you
  • Having an inviting space for elevated conversations and collaborations
  • Being part of an exclusive community committed to propelling women in business and career from the top 15% to the top 2%