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See How Our Members Are Connecting Globally

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Are you tired of feeling like the biggest fish in a small pond? Do you crave connections with like-minded individuals on a global scale? Look no further!


Our community is brimming with members who've elevated their impact and business success by expanding their network to connect with people worldwide. This month, we're shining a spotlight on those who've extended their reach to connect with women globally and how it's made a unique difference in their businesses. See what these Dames have to say about their experiences.


1. Have you expanded your network to connect with other women globally? 

"Speaking internationally and collaborating with other women I have met through the events I speak at which has resulted in over 25 Power Partners and over 75 clients." -Patty Farmer

"I have the courage always to connect with people on LinkedIn that I have either met once in real life or in a virtual room and those who are one contact removed from me."  -Cassandra Rix


2. How did you go about this? What steps did you take to expand your network globally, and then what did it take for these relationships to result in greater impact?

"The first step is always the same: It starts with a connection, virtual or live. Realizing that we have something in common - values, interests, business. Then, it usually follows with a few messages and eventually a connection call." - Fabienne Raphaël 

"I worked hard at following up with the women I met at the events, learning more about them and how I could serve them in the most strategic way and building a relationship with them that went beyond business...Reciprocity, giving first, and spending time to grow relationships were key to getting the greatest results." - Patty Farmer


3. How have you achieved greater impact by connecting with other Dames/other women/cultures globally?

"I know that my gifts and expertise are meant to be shared globally...Meeting people from other countries and having the opportunity to express my life mission is tied to my contribution to making this world a better place." - Fabienne Raphaël

"Different global cultures are also in different places regarding women in business, so having a perspective and understanding of what’s gone before or what’s ahead can create a relationship based on understanding and show what’s possible between us." - Cassandra Rix


4. How did you achieve business or personal growth by expanding your network globally?

"Expanding your network globally allows you to learn and expand your thinking and perspective, which will expand your growth personally and professionally." - Patty Farmer

"Doing business with people from other countries makes me realize that what I share is international and I can have an impact on anyone who feels connected to my message and what I help people with." - Fabienne Raphaël


5. What were the benefits, both personally and professionally, of stepping outside of your comfort zone and exploring a global community?

"Self-growth. It's amazing how these uncomfortable situations made me realize how strong I am and allowed me to tap into parts of myself I didn't know existed. And that feels really good." - Fabienne Raphaël

"Expanding my network globally gave me the opportunity to travel which is one of my favorite things to do and growing my network globally has enabled me to host an event annually for the past 14 years in NYC where 90% of the attendees are global and has resulted in achieving a 7-figure event." - Patty Farmer


When we remove the barriers of space and strategically connect, it empowers us to solve bigger problems and achieve more impact. If you are ready to make global connections, we invite you to  apply to join The Dames® so you can have these kinds of high-caliber important conversations on a regular basis!

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