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How You Can Create Your Own Paradigm Shift

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The Dames are serious about their work in pioneering paradigm shifts. Why are paradigm shifts important? Small businesses can be the engine of progress and change, creating paradigm shifts that ripple through industries like a stone thrown in a pond, transforming the status quo and driving innovation and growth. Companies and leaders play a vital role in driving paradigm shifts within their companies,  industries, and society as a whole.

My great aunt used to say, "Meghann, small businesses are the backbone of America and are going to transform our world."   

Here's how you can create your own paradigm shift that transforms the world. 



Know your company's big-picture vision for the world and brand philosophy. Said in one statement, if you woke up tomorrow and the world was a Utopia as it relates to the work your company does, what would the world look like?   

Ours: We believe in a world where more women reach the top 15% in
business - without missing out on life.

Know your company's mission (why you exist and for whom).  

Ours: We connect a global community of women at the top of six, seven, and eight-figure organizations who reject unsustainable ideas about how women should behave in business. Our members grow their businesses, solve problems at light speed, achieve more satisfaction in life and business, and enjoy collaboration in The Dames.


  • What things must change in the world in order for your target clients to achieve what they want to achieve?  
  • What things must change in the world for your organization to achieve its mission and vision?  
  • When you read through the changes that need to happen, do you see any old societal beliefs, practices, or cultures at play in the markets where your company operates?  
  • Would the world be a better place if your company were to help make these changes?  

Put it all together and try to state the paradigm shift(s) you're creating in one sentence. Now, go out and live out those paradigm shifts daily in everything your organization is and does! 

Comment below with a declaration of the paradigm shift for your company and what you are creating!  


When you are ready to surround yourself with women who are regularly shifting the paradigm, apply to join us inside the Dames.

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