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How to Build a Global Network Without Burning Your Airline Miles

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I’m going to tell you a master of the obvious statement - technology is making the world a smaller place. Social media is changing the way we interact. There’s an app for everything, and “smart” technology has brought connection to our fingertips on every device. Many things don’t need to exist in the third dimension any more.

How we choose to respond to this is up to us.

Will you change with it, or will you resist or avoid the evolution?

I believe today’s virtual, digital world gives us the potential for more strategic connection and freedom than ever before. I believe firmly in networks without boundaries.

The advantage of a network without boundaries:

  • Connect with opportunities far beyond local borders
  • Build power partnerships with others who can refer your company business and bring new ideas to expand your knowledge and your world
  • Find a sense of belonging with the right people
  • Experience freedom and abundance no matter where you live

Through The Dames, I’m creating a community of high-performing women without physical boundary because we believe in the power of many, unified under a common vision of creating even more successful professional women. Building a network without boundaries requires forming deep connections with a strategically defined tribe.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when building your network without physical boundaries:

  • Clarity creates effective connection - be specific about the type of people with whom you want to grow your network
  • Go narrow, go deep, then go deeper - ask those around you to strategically connect you to those you have decided you will grow your network with
  • Vet, nurture and activate - get introductions, meet new women, use your intuition to vet, nurture and activate your network
  • Serve them hard - help others first, do as you say you will do; the universe will reciprocate your generosity in unexpected ways that may not be “in-kind.”

And don’t worry you’ll still have a chance to get out of the house!

At The Dames, we connect women on a local level based on our chapter locations (let us know if you’re interested in building yourself as a thought leader by hosting Dames events in your city), and, we are a nationwide, soon to be international network.

Did I mention our events are like nothing else?

If your business or your career could benefit from being connected to women running successful, impact-driven companies around the globe, check out The Dames as a powerful vehicle to fuel your journey.



If you are interested in...

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