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Please submit your information below if you'd like to integrate your calendar with The Dames FunHub calendar. By doing this, Dames events will be automatically shown on your individual calendar and you can choose to say Yes | No | Maybe to them. Stay informed easily!


Once you submit, you will receive an email within two business days granting you permission to add the [email protected] calendar to your personal calendar account. **You must follow the email you receive from [email protected] in order for the calendar to start integrating with yours!***


Please note: You must have a Google account in order to accept the shared calendar.


If you don't have a Google account, you can CLICK HERE for instruction on how to create a Google Calendar without having to create a new email account.

Please provide the GOOGLE email account hat you'd like to integrate with the FunHub calendar. You will receive an email to this account granting you permission to add the FunHub calendar to your account.

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