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The Dames Featurette with Kami Guildner: Women's Wisdom

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What is your mission statement?

I believe that women’s wisdom is the medicine our earth needs right now, I believe that women’s wealth matters and I am on a mission to help women raise up their voice, their visibility and their businesses to grow their businesses. I am a connector, I’m a storyteller and I am a business coach who helps women really raise their voices up and grow their businesses and just take it to the next level.

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Kami’s Target Clients:

They are strong, change making women who have (many of them) come out of executive roles the corporate world, and then suddenly decided they really wanted to make an impact, to shake things up, and they wanted to do something different. Life was supposed to be different for them! So they stepped out into this world of making a difference, making an impact using all of the gifts. They are now service-based entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants whose voices need to be heard, that need to be out there.

Kami’s Power Partners:

Women who have large communities like mine and are willing to cross-refer. Groups of coaches/consultants with a specialization in certain types of work. Companies that are like interview connections, where they are doing podcast bookings; a lot of my clients are needing to be booked on podcast or speaking engagements. What’s important is that the relationship is built first, so that there is a strong foundation being able to refer quality people to one another!

Kami: I started my business in 2009

What would you say are 3 highlights along that journey or milestones as you’ve been on this lovely journey of entrepreneurship, business ownership.


  • It’s a journey for sure!
  • My body of work has been formulating this whole time

Over the course of 10 years you certainly have this whole journey that you go on and you learn and you grow and. When I think about like the biggest milestones, a couple of things is how my body of work has formulated and I actually feel like it really came last year to this pivotal of place where it all fell into place.I like to listen to what does my business wants to be my business probably I don’t know 5 years ago. I had like all these building blocks that I’ve been teaching in, working with my master mind in but there was this moment where I got back from Italy year and my husband and I got really sick and a really important thread came through to me and it totally divinely found its way to me. Through the podcast I was listening to, through the meditation I was doing, through all those different things and it was just a few weeks before my big ignite event was and so this whole new idea came to me. So that was a really core piece of, was like the final magic thread that kind of tied all together for me and that to me was super cool.

We are really in a pivotal place in our world and you’re doing the work you are meant to do, I am doing the work that I’m meant to do and I know several other people that are there as well and I think the reason my clients are drawn to me, you know when I look at my wonderful community of people in my master mind group and they were drawn to me because of that.  I think it’s evolving and I think it’s this way of us stepping into our feminine power and owning who we are and doing business in a different way and that’s what we are getting into, we are in this shift and it’s exciting to be in this shift and that’s what we are going to be part of. So I think that you know the fact that we have found the teachers that have taught us, I mean I know some of the teachers that have taught you, you know some of the teachers that have taught me, they were supposed to be there for me they were supposed to be there for you and now it’s our turn to keep sharing that that same wisdom.

what are 3 things that lessons that are lessons that you’ve learnt in growing your company that you would love other, aim another business owners to really know so that they could go and consider implementing those lessons themselves.

  1. Build your business and your brand from the inside out. Learn to listen to your inner wisdom, go do that inner work, make space to pray and have ritual.
  2. Level up your marketing in a way that you put your voice out into the world positively. Speak to your client’s desires, not their pains. Step up and raise your energy to help raise their energy with your marketing messages.
  3.  Take care of how you resonate, take care of that that what I call the “R” factor - how you resonate - that means taking care of your mindset, take care of your body, your energetic body, and your spiritual connection.

Meghann: So talk a little bit about the feminine wisdom as the medicine for the planet.

Kami: This is part of this different way of showing up, of being. When we start to trust what’s inside of us, we start to show up and be in collaboration instead of being in competition, we get comfortable being in listening mode, being compassionate. Stop, take the pauses for ourselves and our businesses, listen to the inner wisdom. That’s what helps us then show up in bigger ways. We can play small and we can push, push, push and try to mold ourselves into the masculine ways of being, of thinking and trying to create success in our lives, or we can step back, take a breath and start to listen to the guidance within and get the universe behind us. We just show up in different ways, and so much lighter.   It’s a perfect time for us to practice that strength of us being women and when we do that that’s what shifts the world and makes sustainable change. The feminine is rising - the feminine energy in all of us!

What is your offer that you would love for Dames & friends to take you up on?

I invite you to my free FB group - Extraordinary Women Connect because it’s a fun place to congregate and if anybody wants to really raise your brand up and really get clear on what it is if the whole world could hear one message from you; what would that be? Reach out to me, I’d love to have that conversation with you and help you raise up your voice so that you can get out and do the work that you are meant to be doing so that people can hear your voice and you can make the impact that you want to make.

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