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The Dames® CEO Meghann Conter Featured in Forbes®

We are so thrilled to announce that our CEO, Meghann Conter, was published in one of the largest, most influential, and best-known business magazines, Forbes! We could not be more proud to share this article with you:  

The Forbes article discusses the benefits of joining a specialized peer-to-peer group for businesses. Such groups allow members to connect and share knowledge, experiences, and challenges with like-minded individuals from similar industries. The article emphasizes the importance of finding the right group that aligns with your business goals and needs through 5 tips written by Meghann Conter. By participating in these groups, entrepreneurs and business owners can gain valuable insights, build a network of supportive peers, and access opportunities for collaboration and growth.

The Dames Founder was taken aback when she stumbled across statistics that “only 2% of all women-led businesses achieve a seven-figure annual revenue” and, upon further research, found that (depending on the state), only 10-15% of women grow their businesses past $100,000 in revenue! This makes it extremely challenging for women to achieve the epic missions they have in their businesses, and this spurred and continues to drive Conter’s mission to get more women-owned businesses to the million-dollar mark - in a significant way!

Successful female business owners need a pathway to find their equally successful, striving peers. But it didn’t exist. Fast forward eight years and The Dames has become the embodiment of Conter’s yearning - and so much more. 

If you’re a business owner or career professional,  the company you keep often determines personal growth and professional success. (Wo)Man is not alone on an island and you will struggle to find your footing and feel more and more alone at the top as you grow, until you master and maximize your relationships. You have the ability to develop strong relationships in your business (we all do!) but do you have the know-how? 

Founder Meghann Conter’s bottom-line recommendation: “Whatever your networking goal, commitment, and consistency are key.”

Read the full article here.

Are you a woman running or leading a 6, 7, or 8-Figure organization who is fed up with ‘old networking’ and is ready to be surrounded by women of your caliber in a community where masterminding and collaborating is the norm? Come check out our “lots of play,” “remove the hustle and grind” community and consider applying:

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