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Sharing Our Brilliance for the Right Reasons

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One of our Dames® Roundtable facilitators, who has been a member for over two years, shared her recent learning experience. At a difficult time in 2022, she hired several coaches at a time when she felt like she NEEDED someone outside of her business to advise her. 


She said she wanted someone to listen to what she was doing, help her fix everything, and then tell her what to do differently. This HAD to work because she was approaching burnout. After months of toiling, she finally cut ties with all the outside help she brought in. 


She didn't realize that, when we rely on others to ‘save us’, the results will rarely match our expectations. The fact of the matter is if we’re always looking outside of ourselves for the answers, if we don’t deeply trust in ourselves, if we’re constantly hiring multiple coaches at the same time but not actually taking action on what we’re telling you to do, or if their teachings are not the right fit for us, we'll find ourselves in a place where we’re just not leveling up.


We have to do the inner work, then claim our brilliance from the inside out, and share our brilliance freely with the world.


The Dames® prides itself on being an organization full of abundant thinkers who support one another first and foremost. Who share our experiences that provide value based on our wide array of expertise without an expectation of anything in return. As abundant thinkers, we know that there's plenty of business to go around, and as experts, we want to collaborate and mastermind with others to share our brilliance, and to be open to the abundance of others.


We want you to be inspired and encouraged by the relationships you build and use this inspiration to help others avoid the pitfalls you may have fallen into while in the trenches of running businesses the way our grandpappy’s did - hustle and grind, armor-up and warrior through, competing with everyone and anyone in our way.  


At The Dames®, we collaborate with Dames Power Partners™, like-valued individuals with whom you will build long-term relationships. You can come together to create a bigger footprint, become thought partners overcoming challenges, share connections to ideal resources, cross-promote and refer business, get ahead in your company and career, and become business besties.

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