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Ignite Success with Snowden McFaul - Interview with Meghann Conter

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Podcast Summary: Ignite Success with Snowden McFaul - Interview with Meghann Conter

Host: Snowden McFaul
Guest: Meghann Conter, Founder of The Dames


In this episode of "Ignite Success," Snowden McFaul interviews Meghann Conter, founder of The Dames, an international organization for high-performing women in business. The discussion centers around the mission, values, and operations of The Dames, emphasizing community, collaboration, and support among women entrepreneurs and leaders.

Key Points

  1. Introduction to The Dames:
    • An international organization for women running six or seven-figure businesses or holding director/VP roles in large corporations and nonprofits.
    • Focuses on creating a fun, supportive community for women to connect and grow together.
  2. Purpose and Activities:
    • The organization emphasizes strategic matchmaking among members to foster connections and collaborations.
    • Members are matched based on business types (B2B, B2C) and shared target audiences, among other factors.
  3. Membership Process:
    • An application process includes reporting annual revenue and ensuring a cultural fit.
    • Prioritizes collaboration over traditional networking aimed at client acquisition.
  4. Guiding Principles and Values:
    • Key values include fun, love, flexibility, fearless collaboration, and mentorship.
    • Events often start with humor to reduce stress and encourage authentic connections.
    • Emphasis on flexibility and adapting to challenges in business.
  5. Mentorship and Support:
    • About 35% of members run seven-figure businesses, and they actively mentor others.
    • The organization aims to help more women reach seven-figure business revenues and C-suite positions.
  6. Current Reach and Expansion:
    • Over 300 members with local chapters in cities like Denver, Fort Collins, Madison, Chicago, Phoenix/Scottsdale, and soon San Diego.
    • Virtual memberships are also available for women around the world.
  7. Contact and Further Information:


The episode highlights the importance of community and support for women in business, showcasing The Dames as a unique and impactful organization helping women entrepreneurs and leaders thrive through collaboration, mentorship, and a strong sense of community.


If you are interested in...

  • Growing personally and professionally
  • Creating global connections and strategic power partnerships with other high-caliber business women like you
  • Having an inviting space for elevated conversations and collaborations
  • Being part of an exclusive community committed to propelling women in business and career from the top 15% to the top 2%