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The Entrepreneurs Journey with Meghann Conter

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Meghann Conter, CEO of The Dames, emphasizes collaboration, laughter, fun, and love as keys to success.

After experiencing burnout in corporate America, Meghann started her own marketing consulting business during the 2008 housing market crash.Her ability to connect people and passion for community led to the creation of The Dames, a global incubator for successful women entrepreneurs.


Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneurs

  • Women face significant challenges in the corporate world, often feeling misaligned with their true selves.
  • Meghann initially struggled financially and worked various jobs while learning entrepreneurship.
  • Women often undervalue their expertise and struggle to know and charge their worth.


Meghann's Definition of Success

  • is constantly evolving and tied to personal growth and alignment with her vision.
  • Overcoming obstacles and personal growth are essential for entrepreneurs to break through success ceilings.
  • True success is not a pinnacle, but a state of alignment with one's values and purpose.


Embracing Intuition and Self-Love

  • Letting go of the need for control and connecting with intuition allows entrepreneurs to see the bigger picture and achieve greater success.
  • Embracing one's true talents and passions, rather than following societal expectations, leads to greater fulfillment and joy.
  • Shifting from striving energy to trusting energy and self-love is essential for personal and professional growth.


Women-Owned Businesses and Intuition

  • Women-owned businesses face challenges, with only 2% reaching past $7 million in revenue.
  • The current business paradigm, based on masculine energy and hustle culture, is not well-suited for women's physiological and energetic differences.
  • Women need to embrace their unique energy cycles and rhythms, prioritizing rest and self-care to achieve success.
  • Recognizing and embracing intuition, which communicates through distinct sensations and feelings, is crucial for making aligned decisions.


Distinguishing Intuition from Thoughts

  • Intuition can be distinguished from thoughts by listening to the way they sound and the physical sensations they create in the body.
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) can be helpful in understanding the different parts of our psyche and distinguishing our thoughts from our true adult aligned self.


Surrounding Ourselves with Like-Minded Individuals

  • We should be conscious of the people we surround ourselves with and make choices that upgrade our beliefs and actions to improve our satisfaction and happiness.
  • Recognizing and Addressing Dimming Our Light
  • Dimming our light can be a sign of an unhealthy relationship or environment.
  • Signs of dimming our light include feeling continually nitpicked, feeling down, and having a better time on vacation with friends than with our partner.
  • It is important to recognize when we are dimming our own light and seek support from others.

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