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Breaking Barriers in Business: Meghann Conter's Global Mission

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Episode 10 of the Speaking of Phenomenal Podcast features Meghann Conter, founder and chief visionary officer of The Dames, a global online network supporting businesswomen across six continents. Through this platform, Meghann helps women achieve seven- or eight-figure revenues or reach the C-suite in corporate settings, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


Meghann's journey with The Dames started in 2015 in Denver, where she recognized a lack of support for women transitioning from six- to seven-figure businesses. Her mission was to create a community that promotes higher-level positions and revenue for women, increasing the number of female leaders. As Meghann puts it, "When we have more money and more resources, we can make bigger differences. We can really achieve our epic missions a lot easier."


With a distinctive mix of boldness and humor, Meghann envisions reinventing leadership through vulnerability, fun, and horizontal collaboration. After spending a year at improv school, she learned to use sketch comedy to communicate complex ideas. Leveraging these skills, along with her theatrical background and the guidance of a coach, Meghann writes and performs sketches at The Dames’ events, such as their annual "funference," using edutainment to tackle critical issues facing women leaders.


Meghann also teaches members to embrace vulnerability and seek concrete help. "We should all be able to ask for what we need to take our missions to the next level," she says. She shares inspiring stories of how The Dames’ network has facilitated connections, leading to significant opportunities for its members, such as an author who will turn her book into a movie.


Looking ahead, Meghann envisions creating in-person chapters in countries where businesswomen struggle to find support from other women who have led large businesses. "I believe that women are here to change the paradigm of business, and we are gonna change it in a big way, in a really positive way," she asserts.


As someone who has always been encouraged to embrace her uniqueness, Meghann demonstrates that blending courage and vulnerability and striving to become a "fuller version" of ourselves is crucial for making a difference. It’s a challenging task, but, as she emphasizes, it’s incredibly worthwhile.


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